Features: Pouring beer normally, the bubbles will disappear soon. With the beer foam maker, more foam is created, giving you the delicious taste of the beer. Simple operation,...

£ 14.30

Out do all your friends with the new beer can glass! Modelled on the exact proportions of your favourite can of beer, the beer can glass is perfect for getting that 'beer can...

£ 9.99

Craving a beer but can't find a bottle opener? These cards will teach you 100 different ways to open your beer without the need of a bottle opener.

£ 6.99

Features: Outstanding metal beer rack, practical and decorative for beer carrying and storage. Can hold up to 6 wine bottle or beer at the same time sturdily within diameter of...

£ 11.84

Features: Ultrasonic Foaming Technology: Through the ultrasonic vibration, deep dissolution,the beer will produce perfect foaming,making the beer taste better. Simple...

£ 14.06

The elite beer drinkers know that lifting 24oz at a time is the best way to get in shape for beer olympics. Shaped like a dumbbell, this beer glass is for the heavyweight beer...

£ 14.99

This hilarious Beer Bottle Opener features the words: 'The Best Beer is an Open Beer'. Do you agree with this statement, or know someone who does!? This standing, wooden Beer...

£ 1.49

Shiver your timbers as you drink your dead cold beer from the Brain freeze Skull Mug! The thick mouth-blown glass has a bevelled rim and generous 700ml capacity to serve a pint...

£ 14.99

The Beer Capper from Youngs is designed to seal beer bottles with crown caps of up to 26mm in diameter. Simply place the crown cap onto the magnet inside the crimping cup, place...

£ 10.00
Philip Morris & Son

Beer Bottle Sweets: little bottles of beer and sweets - what could be better as a combination? We hunted around for ages because we just had to find the best, juiciest, most...

£ 2.37
A Quarter Of...

Beer Finings from Youngs is used to clear beer, so you can produce your pub favourite! Homebrewers are always looking to achieve a high degree of clarity in their beers and...

£ 1.50
Philip Morris & Son

This 500ml Beer Bottle from Youngs is perfect for bottling up your freshly brewed beer or bitter! These bottles are made from glass and are reuseable, ensuring you can you brew...

£ 0.89
Philip Morris & Son

This Pale Ale is lovingly brewed by the fantastic Wild Beer Co. This tasty brew comes in a 330ml can and is 2.7% ABV. The Brewery says: A spiced version of our low calorie,...

£ 1.99

The Clear It Wine & Beer Finings from Youngs is used to clear beer & wine, so you can produce your pub favourites! Homebrewers are always looking to achieve a high degree of...

£ 4.50
Philip Morris & Son

A classic, tall half-pint beer glass with an applied, antiqued dark pewter badge of a ragged, spread-eagled, swooping bat. Impress your friends with this great gift for fans of...

£ 15.99

Features: Made of fine metal material. Draft beer machine beer tap with flow control switch. Adjustable liquor flow, the amount of bubbles. Full flow control, quick and easy to...

£ 24.14

Say cheers with your four legged friend with this non-alcoholic 'beer' for dogs. Presented in a gift box tube. Buy online. Free delivery options available.

£ 4.99
Millbry Hill

Features: Perfect for fermenting, storing, and dispensing craft beer. The keg is mainly made of 304 stainless steel, with sturdy construction, can provides long service time....

£ 94.60

Features: It allows hop oil to flow into your beer but keeps the hop material inside. Perfect for filtering beer, wine, homemade coffee and so on. Suitable for filter pot,...

£ 9.53

Love to travel and try different beers rom around the world? Now you can scratch them off as you go.Please note poster does not come framed.

£ 12.99